Moseley & Kings Heath


Status:Active, open to new members
When: various dates as advised
Venue: Out & About

The lunch group is a social activity to which over 60 members are signed up and typically 40 – 45 people join a lunch.

We go to various restaurants mainly in Moseley/Kings Heath and the City Centre. In the last year we have been to the College of Food where a three course lunch has cost £16.00 plus drinks and service (we expect costs to rise in the coming year). The food is to a high standard and members have enjoyed these lunches greatly. We aim to go to this venue 3 times each year and also to another restaurant/s at least once a year.

Each lunch has to be fully funded by members who have signed up for the event. Some venues require a deposit to be paid in advance, which is done through the group leader, and many charge the full cost of the meal if there is a late cancellation. In these circumstances if a member who has booked a meal is unable to come for any reason, they will have to meet the full cost.