Moseley & Kings Heath

How to login and pay

Logging on to the Members Portal

If you are a new member logging in for the first time or an existing member who has not logged in since 18 April 2023 - For the first time only, you will need to type in your Membership number, Forename, Surname, Post Code and email address and you will be asked to create your own password. Press Confirm Identity and you will also be sent an email to which you need to respond to confirm your email address.

  • If you can't remember your membership number, it is shown on your Membership Card.
  • Forename and Surname are case sensitive and have to be entered exactly the same as on your Membership Card (which is generally all lower case except the first letter in upper case). Type the Post Code in upper case with a space in the middle, the email field is not case sensitive.
  • Beware of using predictive text or "copy & paste" to complete your name - it may insert a blank space after your name which will make the log-in fail.
  • If you are unable to log in to the Members Portal, it may be due to not having JavaScript enabled in your browser. This can be remedied as described at https://enable-javascript.com/

After the first time of logging in - Simply login with your email address (as your username), and the password that you chose.

The Membership Secretary will not be able to see or reset your password. However, if you forget your password the system allows you to reset it yourself through an email link without the need for a secret question and answer.
If you change your email address please contact Membership enquiries for help with resetting your login.

On first use, and whenever the member changes their email address, they will be asked to verify it by responding to a link they will be emailed.

Paying Online

After pressing the Make Payment button, you will be asked to confirm by pressing Continue to PayPal to complete payment Although we use PayPal for transferring funds, you do not have to pay by PayPal and instead can use your credit or debit card to pay. Continue through successive payment screens which give the impression you are paying by PayPal. Ignore this because on the final screen you will be given the option of paying by credit or debit card.